W o r l d s ..f i n e s t.. d a t i n g.. c o m m u n i t y



When it comes to first dates, there is no such thing as fashionably late. If your date is late and has not called with an extremely good excuse after twenty minutes, it is not ungracious to depart in order to seduce another lady or gentleman at a neighboring bar.

Many times, behavior will have nothing to do with the outcome of a date. You find someone on the Internet, meet up for coffee, and realize within seconds that they’re not your type. It’s nothing personal, it’s just that you don’t happen to like guys with large goiters or girls who blink too much. Other times, the person’s actions on a first date will determine when or if there’s a second. Or a third. Or a wedding come June. So no pressure or anything, but first-date behavior can count for a lot. Which doesn’t mean that it has to count for everything. Many people realize that performance anxiety is common. “First dates can be nerve-racking experiences, Many people are not themselves because they are so worried about making a good first impression. In general, unless the guy is absolutely horrid, you should go on at least two dates before coming to any conclusions.




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